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U.S. Color Satellite North America Color Infrared Animated Satellite Loop

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US Precipitation 1 day, 24 hour precipitation map

US Temperatures US Conditions Map

US Climate Data US Conditions Map

Satellite & Radar Maps for Northern California

Global Weather Satellite
Navy Radar
Northern California Radar
Central California
Northeast Pacific Satellite
Weather Forecast - Northeast Pacific Loop

Northern Cal Close up
Central & Southern California
Central Cal Close up
Northeastern Pacific
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All of the below weather maps and their respective URL's are all valid addresses. Every once in a while a url not found error will occur when you click on a map. This is normally the fault of the map site. If this happens, you simply need to refresh or reload the page and then page will likely render correctly.

The map of the United States directly below is an interactive map provided by The National Weather Service. Click on the map to take you to the clickable map of the US, where you can click on any state for weather information. The second set of weather satellite photo's below are from Intellicast which is among the best of the best in their high quality weather radar and satellite photo's. What I have done on this page as well as many other pages on this site, is cherry pick the very best weather map's in their respective classes. If you live anywhere in the United States, these maps are for you!

The twenty maps directly below are for current weather readings as well as the forecast for each individual map's topic. Further down the page you will find the Hurricane satellite maps. The Hurricane section features visible and IR satellite photo's. These are animated in color as well as black and white. These maps cover the area from where hurricanes form off the west coast of Africa, all the way to the United States and vicinity. The complete satellite coverage on this page encompass weather satellite maps for the Atlantic, Pacific, Caribbean, and the Gulf of Mexico tropical regions. The satellite photo's are provided by NOAA & Intellicast. I believe you will find them useful.

Weather Forecast Maps
Current Analysis
Weather Forecast - Current Analysis
12-hr Forecast
Weather Forecast - 12-hr Forecast
12-hr Forecast
Weather Forecast - 12-hr Forecast

24-hr Forecast
Weather Forecast - 24-hr Forecast
36-hr Forecast
Weather Forecast - 36-hr Forecast
48-hr Forecast
Weather Forecast - 48-hr Forecast
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Weather Surface Maps
Current Surface
Weather Forecast - Current Analysis
Surface 12hr
Weather Forecast - 12-hr Forecast

Surface 24hr
Weather Forecast - 24-hr Forecast
Surface 36hr
Weather Forecast - 36-hr Forecast
Surface 48hr
Weather Forecast - 48-hr Forecast
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Hurricane Observation Panels
NOAA Visual Loop Satellite
[Atlantic - Pacific - Caribbean]

Weather Forecast - Caribbean Loop
Central Atlantic
Weather Forecast - Central Atlantic Loop

Northwest Atlantic
Weather Forecast - Northwest Atlantic Loop
Western Atlantic
Weather Forecast - Western Atlantic Loop

Gulf of Mexico
Weather Forecast - Gulf of Mexico Loop
Eastern East Pacific
Weather Forecast - Eastern East Pacific Loop

Central Pacific
Weather Forecast - Central Pacific Loop
Northeast Pacific
Weather Forecast - Northeast Pacific Loop
Eastern Pacific
Weather Forecast - Eastern Pacific Loop
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Intellicast Hurricane Visual Loop Satellite
Color Enhanced | Atlantic - Pacific - Caribbean

Tropical Wind Analysis
Weather Forecast - Tropical Wind Analysis
Tropical Atlantic Loop
Weather Forecast - Atlantic Tropical Loop

Caribbean Loop
Weather Forecast - Caribbean Visual Loop
Pacific Loop
Weather Forecast - Pacific Loop
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