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World Wide Daily Snow and Ice Cover Map

World Wide Daily Snow and Ice Cover Map

World Wide Daily Snow and Ice Cover Map Legend

The cryosphere which are areas covered by ice, snow, glaciers, or permafrost is an extremely dynamic part of our global system. Changes in seasons & climate bring great changes to the Earth's cryosphere.

Infrared (IR) and microwave data from multiple satellites including NOAAs GOES Imager and POES AVHRR, US Air Force DMSP/SSMI & EUMETSAT MSG/SEVIRI sensors are combined to create the daily maps of global snow and ice cover of the planet. using multiple datasets provides relatively high spatial resolution (about 4 km/pixel) daily maps and in all weather conditions. Light blue areas indicate the sea ice extent, white colors indicate all other areas covered in snow.

Source: NOAA

Historic World Snow Cover 15 Year Animation

Global Maps Snow Cover Series


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