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Global Tsunami Warning Center
Tsunami Messages for All Regions (Past 30 days)
Tsunami Messages for All Global Regions (Past 30 days)
Tsunami Messages for All Regions (Past 30 days)
Image last created on Fri, 19 Jul 2019 13:23:21 UTC
Time (UTC) Region Type To: Details
106 Jul 2019 03:33Central CaliforniaInformation StatementHaw   text
206 Jul 2019 03:32Ptwc Information StatementPac   text
304 Jul 2019 17:42Central CaliforniaInformation StatementHaw   text
404 Jul 2019 17:41Ptwc Information StatementPac   text
528 Jun 2019 15:59Mariana IslandsInformation StatementHaw   text
628 Jun 2019 15:59Ptwc Information StatementPac   text
725 Jun 2019 09:15Komandorskiye Ostrova, Russia RegionInformation StatementHaw   text
825 Jun 2019 09:14Ptwc Information StatementPac   text
924 Jun 2019 03:02Banda SeaInformation StatementHaw   text
1024 Jun 2019 03:01Ptwc Information StatementPac   text
1125 Jan 1970 09:14Pac   text
1204 Jan 1970 17:41Pac   text

"UTC" = Coordinated Universal Time (aka: GMT or Zulu).
"To:" = recipient of messages:
            Pac=Pacific Ocean (excluding U.S. mainland & Canada), Haw=Hawai`i, Ind=Indian Ocean, Car=Caribbean Sea


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