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Canada Radar Outages and Maintenance

Weather radar name Region Province Reason radar unavailable   Date radar
Expected return
to service
Carvel - CASCV
(near Edmonton)
Prairies AB Scheduled outage due to final radar replacement construction activities. Sealing of the new radar's radome has been scheduled at this time as the weather has warmed enough to allow this final activity to be completed.  2022-05-20 2022-05-24
Cold Lake - CASCL Prairies AB Unscheduled outage.  2022-05-15 2022-05-25
Gore - CASGO
(near Halifax)

NS Intermittent outage. Scheduled maintenance. 2022-05-17 2022-05-24
Montreal River - CASMR
(near Sault Ste Marie)
Ontario ON Intermittent outage. Scheduled maintenance. 2022-05-17 2022-05-25
Marble Mountain - XME Atlantic NL Site offline due to radar replacement. Due to the small footprint of available land at this mountaintop site, the old radar must be removed before the new one is built. Also, due to the high winds and short construction season at this location, the construction must be split into two phases spanning the calmer summer weather in 2021 and 2022. In anticipation of this lengthy radar outage, two nearby radars (Holyrood, NL and Marion Bridge, NS) have had their range extended from 240 km to 400 km to provide meteorologists with additional radar data in this area. ECCC meteorologists also use a comprehensive suite of data sources to support weather forecasting which include high-resolution weather satellite imagery, lightning detection sensors, computer prediction models, buoy and weather station reports. 2021-05-27 -
Victoria Pacific BC Suffered a major hardware failure, will be replaced with a new modern radar and moved to a better location providing improved coverage for the area. The new radar is tentatively planned to be operational in 2022. Until then, the radar image will be displaying data combined from seven neighbouring radar sites (including US radars). 2017-11-18 -

Radar outage

Every two months or so, radars are taken off line for routine maintenance. This maintenance is scheduled during times of low likelihood of severe weather. Occasionally, radars also go offline due to a mechanical, electrical, technical, or telecommunications related problem.

New radar installations

The Government of Canada announced on February 28, 2017, the replacement of its weather-radar network. During the construction period, until the new radar becomes fully operational, the radar image for that location will be displaying data combined from neighbouring radar sites (including US radars). For more information on this project please visit the following page: Modernizing Canada’s weather-radar network.

In case of an outage

We continue to provide weather services by using data from neighbouring radars since, wherever possible, the coverage of the radars has been designed to overlap.

The figures below show an example of the area covered by Superior West radar and a composite image (also called contingency product) built from two Canadian and two American radars during an outage of this radar. We can see that these four radars overlap each other's in many areas. The red circles will be activated on the image only if the contributing radars to the composite image are available.

Area covered by Superior West radar
Area covered by Superior West radar

     Example of composite image built using neighboring radars data during an outage of Superior West radar.
Example of composite image built using neighboring radars data during an outage of Superior West radar. Many areas are covered by neighbouring radars. Areas outside the red circles are not covered by a neighbouring radar.

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